Taragh Bracken Breaks Down Toxic Friendships

Leading a healthy life isn’t simply about going to the gym every morning and eating nutritiously. The mind and soul have a lot to do with one’s happiness and overall health. Sometimes it’s not only about meditating and taking yoga classes to feel more aware of the inner-workings of your mind. It may be something as simple as re-evaluating the individuals you surround yourself with. It may be tough to muster up the courage to let go if you notice that a relationship is hindering your growth, but once your recognize the toxicities of these friendships, you’ll have no choice but to let go.

Determining Toxic Friendships

As Jim Rohn has said, you encompass the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you’ve been friends with someone for a long-standing period of time, then it is highly possible that you live in a fog of the relationship that you’ve built and worked on for years on end.

Taragh Bracken ushers you to let go of these thoughts. Here are some vital tips to recognizing and identifying the toxic friendships you’ve been holding on to for far too long.

They’re Not Happy for Your Success

Perhaps this friend will be quick to give you judgment and advice when things are going really badly in your life. They’ll heat up when you discuss the difficult times of a romantic relationship, telling you that enough is enough and that you need to break up right away. Or perhaps when your job is over-stressing you and you realize that perhaps its time to turn the leaf to a new opportunity, they’ll put down your current position. Perhaps they’ll state things like “I would never work for such a small company” or “I’d never accept a salary like that if I were in your position”, only adding fire to the dread you’re living.

But all of a sudden you get a new boyfriend and score the hottest job, and what do they do? They become ice cold with you, obviously bitter for your happiness. Their jealousy takes a toll on them and they cannot allow themselves to truly be happy for your successes.

They Love Misery

Perhaps throughout your entire life, this person has adopted a depressive, miserable perspective on life. They’ve either had a hard time growing up or have been given everything on a silver platter, and somehow everything and anything deserves discontent. They’re never satisfied with their current situation, and freeload their unhappiness on you so that you become the psychologist.

When clients speak to Bracken about this issue, she’s told them to keep an open line of communication so that the two of you can work through your difficulties. However, any blow to this toxic friend’s self-esteem is often going to backfire. They are full of themselves and have a hard time believing that they can do anything wrong in life. Sometimes you’ve just got to choose your battles–that’s the motto Bracken has now adopted.

They’re Incredibly Selfish

If someone straight-up tells you that their life purpose is to achieve the most they can in their career, and that they don’t believe that they owe anyone anything and that no one owes them anything–then they’ve told you straight up that they are selfish. No one likes selfish people. Believe it or not, Taragh Bracken has had this exact situation happen in front of her eyes. A friend from elementary school all of a sudden recognized that her motives in life were all but selfish, and that she doesn’t care for generosities. Well, news flash: Life is its most beautiful when you can give back to others. Also, you can’t expect to receive if you never give.

The Snobbery is Real

Perhaps all the do is talk about themselves. They blab and blab away to the point where you feel as though you cannot even get a word in. It is disheartening to think that you need to listen to their recounts of difficult moments and dramatic happenings in their life, yet when you have things to contribute to the conversation, they’re automatically shut down. The person will speak over you, sometimes without even realizing it. You’ll be speaking about your poor uncle who’s in the hospital, and somehow they have to relate it back to their own miserable life.

At the same time, their snobby attitude causes them to be uncompromising when planning. They have a hard time adapting and being flexible to other people’s schedules, as though the world revolves around them. This all goes back to their selfish roots–and it is quite an unattractive characteristic!

They Lack Generosity

Someone who never gives to charity or helps a friend in need is the lowest of the low–especially when this person is well-off. And if they do share, you know that deep-down, they would rather not.

Everything is Dramatic

Their stories are always exaggerated and overly-dramatized. Oh, their friend visiting from out-of-town used up a little bit of their shampoo? It’s as if the roof is on fire. Their boss all of a sudden requires them to work overtime to complete a last minute project? Hell, their life is about to end. If for some reason they believe that you’ve hurt them, then they will hold a grudge until they feel as though their anger was properly relayed onto you. Perhaps the argument was petty, their immaturity will cause them to hang on tight to their inconsiderate beliefs.

Taragh Bracken’s Immunization Rule

If this person has ticked off practically all of these items, then you can be certain that they are toxic. Bracken believes that the energy you put into a friendship that has negatives that outweigh the positives is better used somewhere else in your life. Follow her immunization rule by slowly releasing communication and time spent on the relationship. Your time is limited on this planet, and you should only allow yourself to spend time with friends and family members who are shining stars in your life. Break loose from old relationships that are holding you back, and start afresh. You’ll thank us later!

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