Self-Care Tips To Live By

When it comes to self-care, people instinctively think of taking the foamiest of bubble baths pegged with Lush bath bombs, lavender-infused soap and dimly-lit candles while sitting back and enjoying a good read. No matter how much soft spa music is floating off in the background, or the number of essential oil bottles you have in your collection, no amount of almond body lotion is going to make you feel better long-term if you don’t invest proper time and energy into harnessing a healthy mental state-of-mind.

Self-Care Meanings

Nowadays, self-care has a notion of enjoying the little luxuries of life. From expensive bath products, or to dishing out a pretty penny on an entire day at the spa, the idea of self-care has transcended far beyond what it used to historically mean. The definition is a translation from the well-known philosopher, Socrates. He used this notion to mean “Know thyself”, a phrase that describes literally understanding your higher self and being in-tuned with your roots. It’s that feeling of grounding yourself with your values, beliefs and passions–and not letting fear rule your life. The dispelling of anxieties, depression and any other mental health issue can be only solaced through self-care. So when did we replace the true meaning of self-care with getting rubbed toe to head with coconut oil and visiting the best therapists and nurses to take care of our health?

Tune Into Your Emotions

You don’t need to forgo the lavender scented everything if that’s what gets you going in the morning. Hold on to your little luxuries, but dig a little deeper into your emotional consciousness if you wish to feel better about yourself. You can consume these items while also partaking in an activity that you enjoy doing to surround yourself with love and self-appreciation.

Self-Care Doesn’t Need To Be Costly

You don’t need to spend a lot to feel better about yourself. One of the first things you should do to get away from the world is to set a strict no-phone policy after work hours. While you grind at work, you should also ensure that you spend at least a few minutes every hour doing breathing exercises and a mediation. Yoga courses to re-connect with body and mind via free YouTube tutorials are also recommended.


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