Why am I so passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle? What drives me every day to work out for at least 30 minutes nonstop? What motivates me to go to the gym on a regular basis? Not one answer would be the same as there are so many different reasons as to why I push myself daily regardless of my busy schedule to get everything done. The reason behind this website is to keep other women moving! I want to inspire you to want a healthier life for yourself, I want to entice you to eat properly, workout daily because it really pays off! Keep moving! Do not remain sedentary. We live in an age of complacency and laziness people do not want to move! Even the job markets consist of sitting down for long periods of time without moving much. We will lose productivity if we do not enforce a wellness that works and that keeps us going.  Stay healthy! Stay fit is what I like to say.

Fitness gives me a sound mind and keeps me sain, it removes all nervousness and puts my mind at ease. Fitness empowers me as an individual as I know that I am starting my day on the right footing. The Taragh Bracken Family Law firm cannot operate without energetic attorneys and faculty members such as myself. We cannot get our work done or remain productive within the day without first working on ourselves individually. I am passionate about working out because it enables me to live the best life that I can live. Not only am I losing weight and being able to wear beautiful clothes but I also get a high boost of energy that I need when interacting with the little ones at home or dealing with customers altogether. Going to the gym or working out all together can sometimes be hard to execute when considering the bad weather temperature, the commute and everything but after 15 minutes into the workout, you confidently tell yourself that it is well worth the drive.

I want to be that success story that people read about and are motivated by. Not to gain fame or popularity but to be an example to the women around the world that they are more than able to accomplish all things. It gives me a boost of confidence knowing that I was successfully able to run a whole 2 km (example) without stopping. I feel empowered knowing that I was able to eat well all through the week and I have lost a few pounds.

At times working out with a partner can also help you get that motivation as you then would be competing (in a healthy manner) against each other. You will be helping one another to achieve the goals that you set before you and motivating each other verbally to persevere. When one person is slacking the other person will be there to pick them up. Always make sure that the person that you are working out with actually wants  to workout and has set a goal.


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