About Taragh Bracken

Taragh Bracken is a renowned and devoted fitness coach as well as a part-time Yoga instructor and Zumba dancer.

She has clients as young as in their preteens and as old as eighty! Her journey within the fitness field began after completing her B.P.S in the Health Sciences Management from the University of Virginia. With great purpose and passion for the field, Taragh Bracken decided to pursue a career in fitness and was called to be a fitness instructor Gold’s Gym, which is one of the most popular celebrity gyms in Hollywood. Upon completing her new role she practised within the area of fitness, dancing, and yoga in North America and Europe until finally immigrating permanently to Canada in order to continue her life journey and purpose. Taragh is a very valued and respected trainer within the Toronto and North York regions of Ontario as she was appointed to be a personal coach within several fitness facilities and now has her own business as a coach and dancer since 2009.  She deals with nutrition as well and even has clients that approach her for advice regarding personal private affairs. She is a very strong and passionate woman.

The day of a fitness coach is not an easy one at all. Taragh Bracken will begin her day at five o’clock in the morning to go over her schedule for the day as she will have different meetings with clients as well as yoga and dancing sessions. By 6:30am Taragh Bracken would have showered, eaten her breakfast and gotten ready for her day. She leaves the house for her office by latest 6:45am to ensure that she does not get stuck in traffic. On her way to the office, she considers the clients that she will be meeting for the day and begins preparing herself mentally for how she will proceed to assist them in their fitness journey as well as the different dance routines that she can add. Once she enters her office she listens to her messages to see if she missed any calls as well as respond to all her emails. She will then get ready for her meetings with her client.

No two days are the same as a fitness instructor as it consists of constantly upgrading yourself, writing, answering and making phone, replying to emails practising, working out and dancing to remain fit. Taragh Bracken has to ensure at all times that she complies with the policies and procedures that she has put into place and abides by her schedule whiles giving excellent service to her customers at all times. In the event that she has to get ready for a meeting with a client, she will reassure her clients by creating a profile for them and providing them with her contact details. Her days usually begin at 5 in the morning to end around 7 pm.

With all this going on, one would ask yourself; “how does she get the time to workout and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle?” It has not always been this easy and it takes great determination and perseverance on her part in order to attain this goal. She makes sure that healthy snacks are brought or bought at work at all times and that she spends at least 1 hour doing some form of personal exercise in addition to Zumba and yoga with her clients every day. Little things also go a long way. When working at her office Taragh Bracken implements what she likes to call little “workout breaks”. She does not take the elevator but instead uses the stairs to her office which happens to be on the 7th floor. When she gets a quiet moment in her office she will try to do some basic squats or pilate movement to get her blood flowing. These small “workout breaks” give her the boost she needs to carry on with her busy day. She also drinks A LOT OF WATER! Water is truly undervalued by most as it is a strong force that not only keeps our system clean but gives energy to our mind and body. Though it has not been easy over the years Taragh Bracken swears by this lifestyle and does her very best to maintain it for the well-being of herself as well as those around her.