Taragh Bracken


Not only does exercising improve your cardiovascular system all together but it also enhances your muscle strength. With proper muscle training our muscles will gain strength  and resistant. The joints, tendons, and ligaments are strengthened within the body which make for easier access when lifting heavy substances or when in need. Working on your muscle strength will also help to decreases chances of injury and or pain. When your muscles are strong your chances of joints and lower back pain decrease considerably as it keeps all in line. Always ensure to rest your muscles after an intense workout


Exercise will most definitely increases your brain functionality as it encourages oxygen and blood flow to the brain. By doing so, it also incites the release of certain brain chemicals that are predominantly accountable for the production of the cells. This in turn will  assist with the control as well as with memorization towards a more profitable learning experience. When this occurs in the brain we notice an enhancement when it comes to concentration as well as advanced cognitive ability. Working out regularly will even decrease the chances of Alzheimers decease. As a student you may feel that you do not have the time to workout but it is proven that it will actually help you academically as well. 


The amazing effects that exercise has on the heart cannot be overemphasized. Working out will decrease the LDL cholesterols (which are basically the bad cholesterols that clog up your arteries) whiles decreasing the HDL cholesterols ( the good cholesterols that aid with digestion and cleansing of the system in general). It is an excellent source to diminish certain heart conditions such as low or high blood pressure as it gets your blood pumping whiles sending this flow to and from your brain ( for low blood pressure condition) and lowers the pressure that is being placed on your heart ( for high blood pressure). It also fortifies the actual heart muscles.

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When asked whether fitness is an important aspect of our human existence one would most probably respond with a very hearty YES. We ask ourselves though how much we truly understand the importance of fitness, health and wellbeing all together in our day to day lives and what it can do for our bodies. One must make a conscious effort in knowing that we are no longer as the nomads that lived on this planet years and years ago. The did have to plan to exercise as their daily existence consisted of working out. Cars and buses, trains and plains did not exist in those days, so they had to use the only tool that they had: their feet. They would walk to every destination they needed to walk to. They didn’t have the help of a bicycle or a motorcycle, everything was done by foot. We can thus confidently say that their daily lives depended heavily on walking. They therefore did not have to work towards fitness as they did it on a regular basis. Their bodies became accustomed to resisting and sustaining the pain from walking miles and miles at a time. They were use to it, and their body had no choice but to adapt to that lifestyle.


Now days we find ourselves spending countless of hours on our chairs and behind computer screens that we no longer have the time to move as much as our forefathers did. Whether it be at work or at school we very frequently find ourselves in sedentary positions and it is killing us daily. Though we are intellectually active, our body is not, and we must find a way to synchronize the two. It is really not the best for anyone (whether it be a child or an adult) to spend such a long period of his or her time at an office desk but we also find ourselves in situations that we cannot control.  Our bodies are made to move and not remain in one place.


One would ask how much should I work out? There is such a thing as working out too much, so you always must do everything in moderation. You must give your body some chance recuperate from the hard work. Everybody is different, and everyone has a different body structure but in general a good 30 to 45 minutes a day working out 5 times a week should suffice. It does not have to be intense, it could be as simple as an afternoon stroll, or walking up the stair case. We are sometimes tempted to take it to another level when working out, but you must first start somewhere.  Some people were not athletes all their lives but feel the need to work out. In that case you would need to start small and work your way up. Do not start with heavy weight training and intense cardio jobs. Start with basic work outs that get your blood pumping, which will eventually condition your body to then enable you to achieve greater goals.

Working out has an endless amount of benefits and I would say few to no negatives. Here is a list of what working out can do for you:

  • Enhance your overall energy level
  • Lowers any risk of diabetes to the body
  • Increase and strengthens your immune system
  • Decreases risk for bone diseases
  • It decreases the risk of sleep insomnia as athletic people tend to have better night rest
  • Puts you in a better mood overall
  • Reduces aging
  • Gives you a more positive intake of life in general


Before you start with your fitness journey it is important to get a better understanding of what the journey truly is about. Why are you deciding to work out all of a sudden? Do you want to lose weight? Do you simply want to retain your current body structure without losing the weight? Are you seeking for a healthier lifestyle? Ask yourself what the purpose of this new journey in your life is for and then you will be able to determine how to approach this new challenge in your life. Do you need an intense fitness plan? or would a casual routine do? How long are you planning on working out for? These facts would all help in determining what type of fitness routine you should adapt.


As we all know, working out is also not the ultimate method of losing weight or strengthening your body. The food the you consume is more important than your fitness routine. It is pointless to work out for hours and then buy a bag of chips with some pizza and swallow of that down with some Pepsi. It really defeats the purpose, ever heard of the saying; “filling up a basket with water”? That is what you would literally be doing. It is pointless to try to fill a basket with water because the basket contains holes! If you want to fill a basket with water, you have got to either patch it up or change it to a bowl all together. A cheat day is not the end of the world, but try at all costs to maintain a healthy diet in order to enforce the workout regime that you will have in place.